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NeXomedia, Inc.

Who We Are

NeXomedia, through its partnerships with municipalities, provides assistance in enhancing existing city assets, monetizing their value and promoting the city as a more desirable destination. As experienced broadcast and entertainment marketers, we are a passionate group committed to bringing broadcast quality video and sound to out-of-home audiences who have their wallet and smart phone in hand.

Atlantic City:
Boardwalk Network

- Access millions of people along the Boardwalk
- Full motion video and directional sound to an engaged consumer
- Network aligns brands and advertisers with local events
- Streamed live events engage visitors and provide local brand activation
- Mobile app connects the audience to our network and the event
- Free & premium paid, sponsorable WiFi socializes the entire Boardwalk experience (currently in beta)

The Future looks bright, as Atlantic City grows to a valuable destination where visitors experience great restaurants, hotels, world-class entertainment, boardwalk, beach activities, free concerts, beach bars, ocean and a built-in audience of over 26 million visitors each year ... What could be better?

Boardwalk Network Buildout

100 Digital NeXoscreen’s covering over 7,000 feet of unobstructed views from the World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk

WiFi coverage spanning over 1.5 million SQFT (40 acres) of Beach & Boardwalk (currently in beta)

Security Cameras count crowds and calculate valuable analytics (5/1/2016)

Each Network Location Includes:

- Two (2) opposite facing 89.44" Displays
- 13' high with unobstructed view
- Full Motion Video and Directional Sound
- Security Cameras count crowds and calculate valuable analytics (5/1/2016)
- Sponsor-able, 24/7 branded Charging Stations
- Free & premium paid, sponsorable WiFi (currently in beta)

NeXomedia expansion plans take our networks to additional Eastern Seaboard beach towns to create the Shoreline Network.

The Ultimate In Brand Exposure

- Over 26 million visitors travel to Atlantic City each year, with over 20 million visiting the beach and Boardwalk
- Dwell time is 45 minutes per pedestrian (on average)
- Slow moving pedestrian traffic strolls by in close proximity to a brand's message
- Phone charging stations at each location increase audience dwell time
- Free & premium paid, sponsorable WiFi provides an immerse experience, positive association for sponsors and connects the beach and Boardwalk to our network
- Event Activation provides brands visitor interaction and important consumer "touch points"

Visitor Experience

- There is "Something for Everyone" as visitors experience the newly transformed Boardwalk
- As the first ever Beach & Boardwalk social destination, our network connects all major events and activities along the Beach & Boardwalk.
- Free to the public Wifi & Boardwalk Mobile App provides visitors valuable information, offers, community calendars, discounts, loyalty programs and VIP opportunities (currently in beta)



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Display Specifications

  • 9MM LED Screens
  • 89.44" Diagonal (80"x40")
  • Two Opposite-Facing Displays
  • Directional Sound

  • Sponsorable Charging Stations
  • 24/7 Branding
  • 360 Degree Circular "Static Graphic"
  • Free & Premium Paid, Sponsorable WiFi
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